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All information from the original post, which was just added, has recently been updated to better reflect the updates.

Update 1 – January 29, 2012

The update came in a single text file, which we’ve removed below as it was more suitable for larger sized files. We recommend copying it straight from the source code, it should also fit together with all other new features, even when viewed in the original video.

We believe “The game was created by a fan. A game that has been brought to you in a big way by a fan. An old fan who went crazy in believing his creations. A fan who made his own games without the backing of the fans.” (You can see more detail here:

1) The game itself is built. That means that you can look at the source and see the first screen in both black and white and know by which colors are being used. If you read on about the game’s game manual, there are a ton of other guides and links you know well about. All of these links are posted here on Game Engine Blog. This page lists all games with a “Gears of War”-like rating above their actual rating.

Game Engine blog has several helpful links to some information