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Sports equipment for
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The NFL Podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts and TuneIn.

This week the NFL Network hosts NFL Radio, NFL Rivalry, NFL Network Extra, and NFL Network Fantasy. NFL Radio, NFL Rivalry, NFL Network Extra, and NFL Network Fantasy will be streaming to your iOS-powered iPad during the first half of the 2018 season, airing live at 10 a.m. ET/PT.

As part of the NFL Draft Project, we are proud to introduce two new NFL Films that will premiere from 2017 the last seasons of NFL Films & Football Fantasy films. The 2018 NFL Films are, respectively, Pro Football: Pro Footballers, Pro Football: Pro Footballers.

The 2018 NFL Film is a production of the NFL Players Association of America. The film focuses on the most popular players in the NFL. The film will be presented and directed by Kevin Costner (Parks & Recreation), a former NFL player with over 15 years of playing football and current ESPN Fantasy Football Player of the Year. (Note: To learn more about the film, please visit Kevin Costner. The 2016 NFL Films is a production of ESPN.)

Parks & Recreation will be presenting Pro Football: Pro Footballers in the 2017 NFL Draft as well as a documentary about Pro Football players that will be released on April 20th.
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